2023 - PresentMODN 🇸🇦
Digital Marketing Manager

Proven ability to lead and manage a team of designers, and copywriters. Setting KPIs, and reporting to the Marketing Head.

2022-2023Detour 🇺🇸
Account Manager

I played a crucial role in developing key client relationships, particularly with high-profile accounts such as Qatar Post and the Turkish Investment Office.

2021-2022Roaa Tech 🇦🇪
Content Team Leader

My role revolved around B2B lead generation, and conversion copywriting including LinkedIn sequence, and Email Copywriting. Creating website structure, along with its content. 

2023 - 2024Setup.sa 🇸🇦
Digital Marketing Specialist [Part-time]

Setting the strategy for content creation across different channels, focusing on generating leads, and attracting more customers.

2019 - 2020Tech Terminal 🇰🇼
Digital Marketing Specialist

A VC based in Kuwait with more than 7 startup portfolio. I was responsible for creating website structures, along with the content, and design outline.

2021 LGA Assistance 🇦🇪

Working on creating different forms of content for different platforms, and marketing material.

2020-2021Modn 🇸🇦
Creative Copywriter

My role revolved around creating website content the English version, from scratch building the company profile and working on growing their customer base by creating creative content.

2019 - 2020Setters Group 🇳🇱
Digital Marketing Specialist

Setters Group, a digital marketing agency based in Bali with clients from all over Europe mainly from the Netherlands. I worked on writing ad copies for their clients' social media.